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Perry Christensen

Perry Christensen has had over a thirty year career as a human resource professional and executive, with both international and domestic experience. Most recently, Christensen retired as the head of human resources for a pharmaceutical [...]

Matthew R. Miles

Matthew R. Miles is a professor of political science at BYU–Idaho. Miles' cross-national research on the how institutional arrangements combine with individual traits to explain how people interact with their political systems has been published [...]

Cary Countryman

Cary Countryman is a professor and chair of the Business Management Department at Brigham Young University–Hawaii, which draws students from all of the world. Countryman has worked on construction projects in Sendai, new program development [...]

Checking in from Guatemala, Hungary, and China

Poloski Cordón Poloski Cordón was born in Guatemala and has worked for the LDS Temple Department since 2001, as area manager, temple recorder, and assistant recorder, with some responsibilities for temples in Mexico and Central [...]