Michael Hill

Michael Hill, also a new member, lives in the Miami area and works with the U.S. military, focusing on Latin America

Melinda Skea

Melinda Skea is a new member of the society. Skea graduated from BYU’s international relations program and has worked for the past eight years in the Washington, D.C., area, emphasizing the international trade sector. She has traveled extensively in Asia and Europe, visiting and working in thirty foreign countries. Skea recently completed a master’s [...]

We Want to Hear From You

Please send us news about you, your lives, your international activities, your new job opportunities, important events that would interest other members, exciting international activities in which you engage, and more. Let us know what you are doing that might have an impact on other members. Do this all in a single paragraph or two. [...]

More Missionaries, Less Impact?

Tribune reporter Peggy Fletcher Stack recently wrote "Mormon conversions lag behind huge missionary growth," saying "The stats are staggering. "In the year and a half since the LDS Church lowered the minimum age for full-time missionary service, the Utah-based faith has seen its proselytizing force swell from 58,500 to more than 83,000. That’s a 42 [...]

Conference Survey

If you attended the 2014 conference, please respond to this survey as soon as possible. We eagerly seek your input. The Board

25th Conference in the News

Update on Conference Agenda

Dear International Society Members, We are excited to announce the program of the 25th Annual Conference of the LDS International Society. The conference will be held on Monday, 7 April 2014, in the Hinckley Alumni and Visitors Center on BYU's campus in Provo, Utah. See agenda (PDF) Watch it live online and follow it @BYUKennedyCtr using [...]

Announcing the Society’s Annual Conference, 7 April

The 25th Annual Conference of the LDS International Society "Humanitarian Assistance and the Church: 'In the Lord’s Way'” will be held Monday, 7 April at the Hinckley Alumni and Visitors Center on BYU's campus. See agenda (PDF) The purpose of the conference is to showcase and inform society members, friends, students, and Church employees the [...]

Focus on Faith Series

Thursday, 27 February 11:00 a.m.–12:30 p.m. UN Headquarters The Department of Public Information is presenting "Discovering Mormonism and Its Role in Humanitarian Assistance" in Conference Room 2 at UN Headquarters on 1st Avenue at 47th Street in New York City.

24th Annual LDS International Society Conference

24th Annual Conference of the LDS International Society Hinckley Alumni and Visitors Center, Brigham Young University Monday, 8 April 2013 The Church and International Diplomacy 8:30 a.m.          Welcome President Cecil O. Samuelson, President, Brigham Young University 8:45 a.m.          State of the Society – Conference Theme Ted Lyon, Executive Director, LDS International Society 9:00 a.m.          The [...]