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Religion and Culture Combined

The personal conversion stories shared in “Hybrid identity no contradiction for Jewish,” an article found in The Times of Israel, adds an interesting perspective on the lives of some Latter-day Saint converts. Many Latter-day Saints who converted from the Jewish faith have continued to enhance their identity with Jewish rituals and traditions. Read more . [...]

Royal Gratitude

The speedy response of Church members of York to provide a helping hand to the victims of the floods attracted the attention of royalty. Prince Andrew publically thanked Latter-day Saints who participated as Mormon Helping Hands volunteers by providing relief to flood victims through rescue searches, care packages, removing damaged belongings, and providing comfort to [...]

A Closer Look

Ricky Gettys Ricky is currently an international relations major at BYU, living in Provo. He conducted ethnographic research in Thailand on business development and ethics and was a facilitator for the BYU anthropology field school to Vietnam last summer, conducting research on integration of minorities into the state. Ricky teaches the culture and language [...]

A Mile in Another’s Shoes—The Value of Perspective

Developing a Global Mindset through Foreign Language and Cultural Immersion An American negotiating team arrives in Riyadh. They are sure their proposal will be a big hit with the Saudi negotiating team. Their talking points are ready, and they feel they should have the whole thing sewn up by evening.  However, their best-laid plans [...]

Jerome Anderson

Jerome Anderson, a U.S. citizen with a PhD from a British university, currently resides in Liberia, where he works on temporary assignment for the U.S. government. Despite family concerns (Ebola!), he continues to serve in that country. Anderson and his wife are currently supporting a returned missionary from Africa, who has nearly completed a [...]

Michael Hill

Michael Hill, also a new member, lives in the Miami area and works with the U.S. military, focusing on Latin America

Melinda Skea

Melinda Skea is a new member of the society. Skea graduated from BYU’s international relations program and has worked for the past eight years in the Washington, D.C., area, emphasizing the international trade sector. She has traveled extensively in Asia and Europe, visiting and working in thirty foreign countries. Skea recently completed a master’s [...]

More Missionaries, Less Impact?

Tribune reporter Peggy Fletcher Stack recently wrote "Mormon conversions lag behind huge missionary growth," saying "The stats are staggering. "In the year and a half since the LDS Church lowered the minimum age for full-time missionary service, the Utah-based faith has seen its proselytizing force swell from 58,500 to more than 83,000. That’s a 42 [...]

Latest News

  The 22nd annual International Society Conference ended yesterday.  Not a member?   Now its time for you to get busy and start meeting other professionals with international experience and expertise: 1. Go to www.ldsinternationalsociety. org and click on “Create an Account” (upper right-hand corner) 2. Set up a “username and password” and provide an [...]